Soizic SOS Aquarium

Solutions for a naturally beautiful aquarium.

Starting with aquarium keeping? Problems with algae? We can help!

Did you know that most aquarium filters are actually more harmful than helpful for your aquarium? And that 90% of all aquarium related purchases as well as water changes are unnecessary?


No, not with the anti-algae filter principle from Soizic SOS Aquarium. Here, nature herself does regulate the needs of your aquarium. We all know the promises of the aquarium filter industry. You can buy the best filter controlled by cellphone. You won’t have to wait very long to see the results. For your money, you will not only get a technically super modern filter but also algae, bad plant growth and high water and energy costs. That is why you should check the best program for you, whether you are a beginner, an aquarist with an algae issue or someone who wants to know everything about aquarium keeping. With our advice, you will be able to get the aquarium of your dreams.

SOS Algae

The antivirus program for your aquarium. The algae don’t stand a chance!



Benefits of SOS algae:

  • Algae plague disappears
  • Very good plant growth
  • Less maintenance
  • No chemistry
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Fun with aquaristics
  • 3 months supervision
  • Permanent algae control
  • One-off costs
  • information you won’t find in any book

Disadvantages of SOS algae:

  • Retailers make less sales
  • Less work on the aquarium
  • You will want to buy yet another aquarium
  • You will have to give some plants away, as plant growth is very good
  • Friends will be interested in this hobby
  • The electricity and water bill is getting smaller
  • Fish reproduce better

Especially when it comes to algae plague, people give up aquarium keeping much too early. Most of the time the aquarium is in the living room or children’s room and you want to show your best side when guests are visiting. It is important to make a few changes. Don’t worry about expenses though, it will come up much cheaper for an outstanding result. You will soon have an aquarium with really beautiful plants based on the famous Dutch plant aquarium.

300 $ for 3 months consultation and support for your algae issues. You won’t find this information in any currently published book or in any Internet forum in the USA.

Aquarium keeping for beginners

Aquaristics for beginners is next to SOS algae the right program to start carefree in your new hobby. You won’t find our tips and tricks in any aquarium book! And for $150 for three months you will save money by avoiding unnecessary purchases and avoid many problems with your aquarium. Because many give this wonderful hobby too early when it comes to the first problems.



Benefits of aquarium keeping for beginners:

  • Avoid unnecessary purchases/ spend money only on what your fishes really need
  • Operating cost savings
  • More knowledge about aquaristics or a better understanding of certain plants.
  • Better protection of fish and aquarium plants on holiday and in case of power failure
  • Less anger, stress and children’s tears

This program naturally requires a willingness to change. You won’t find our aquarium tips and tricks in any aquarium book or in any Internet forum in the USA.

The magic of water

Our SOS Aquarium Consulting Program — The magic of water — includes the following topics:

  • Setting up and maintaining the aquarium
  • SOS algae
  • Technology – filters, light, heating and much more…
  • Fish – fishkeeping, breeding
  • Plant care
  • Gardening tips




  • Knowledge about aquaristics which is not mentioned in any aquarium book.
  • Savings tips
  • Better plant growth
  • No algae plague
  • Less trouble with the aquarium or the hobby is not immediately abandoned.
  • Protection in case of power failure and holidays

Only $500 for 3 months of care and advice.